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Thursday, November 8, 2018

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Amy & Mitch get hitched!

 photo 09202014-AmyampMitch-0074_zpseca71404.jpg

 photo 09202014-AmyampMitch-0075-blog_zpsc19817e5.jpg

 photo 09202014-AmyampMitch-0414-blog_zps1525af38.jpg

 photo 09202014-AmyampMitch-0298-blog_zps627ac130.jpg

 photo 09202014-AmyampMitch-0744-blog_zps420d2d61.jpg

 photo 09202014-AmyampMitch-0632-blog_zps75f7c052.jpg

 photo 09202014-AmyampMitch-0480-blog_zpsb6bd17d8.jpg

 photo 09202014-AmyampMitch-0761-blog_zps6d22eaca.jpg

Thursday, July 24, 2014

On the Shores of Lake Erie

 photo 07222014-WILDART-East-Harbor-020-A-blog_zpsd2875804.jpg

Lily Stacy, 6, of Barberton, smiles as she zips down the water slide at East Harbor State Park Tuesday in Lakeside Marblehead.

 photo 07222014-WILDART-Beach-Yoga-020-blog_zps1bc8ce9a.jpg

Children play at Linwood Park Beach in Vermilion Tuesday.

 photo 07222014-WILDART-Beach-Yoga-039-A-blog_zps40fef9cb.jpg

Maria Santoferraro, of Daily Downward Dog, leads a sunset yoga class at Linwood Park Beach in Vermilion Tuesday.

 photo 07222014-WILDART-Beach-Yoga-044-blog_zps312be9a1.jpg

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lake Eerie Zombie Mud Run

 photo SRP-ZombieRun-09142013-0063-E-blog_zpsb1e3ed49.jpg

 photo SRP-ZombieRun-09142013-0296-D-blog_zps48e872ff.jpg

 photo SRP-ZombieRun-09142013-0023-A-blog_zpsf25bfc94.jpg

 photo SRP-ZombieRun-09142013-0359-J-blog_zps3f01954e.jpg

 photo SRP-ZombieRun-09142013-0198-A-blog_zps50a010d5.jpg

 photo SRP-ZombieRun-09142013-0155-A-blog_zpsa57bbac7.jpg

 photo SRP-ZombieRun-09142013-0459-blog_zps6f7001ae.jpg

 photo SRP-ZombieRun-09142013-0044-F-blog_zpsa0af7927.jpg

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Faces of Ohio Bike Week

Motorcyclists from all over flock to Sandusky in June for Ohio Bike Week. People watching is half the fun in this job.

 photo 06052014-Bike-Week-Portraits-AW-024-blog_zps2b9c97cb.jpg

 photo 06052014-Bike-Week-Portraits-AW-060-blog_zpse3cd3fe0.jpg

 photo 06052014-Bike-Week-Portraits-AW-042-blog_zpsa877b862.jpg

Thursday, May 1, 2014

One year ago I started a trip up the California coast. Today it feels like a dream.

 photo BigSur_05082013_0051_blog_zps5c48f706.jpg

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Norwalk heads to state finals

 photo BKH-NHS-BHS-02152014-0030-Thomas-blog_zps52934a4f.jpg

Norwalk's Jeff Thomas shoots the ball as Colin Gossard reaches to block in the Division II regional championship against Lima Bath at Bowling Green State University Saturday, March 15, 2014.

 photo BKH-NHS-BHS-02152014-0468-MrsGrey-blog_zps806315aa.jpg

Sue Gray (far right), wife of Norwalk coach Steve Gray (foreground), can barely watch along with daughters Elise (center) and Kailyn (left) in the closing seconds of Saturday's game. Click here for a great story Mark Hazelwood wrote on how basketball played a part in Sue's triumph over cancer.

 photo BKH-NHS-BHS-02152014-0184-Johnson-blog_zps933c5723.jpg

Norwalk's Jordan Johnson shoots as Lima Bath's Trent Jones reaches to block.

 photo BKH-NHS-BHS-02152014-0601-Win-blog_zpsbcf59345.jpg

Norwalk fans react as their team wins the Division II regional championship game.

 photo BKH-NHS-BHS-02152014-0634-Johnson-blog_zps4f0666fb.jpg

Jordan Johnson leaps into the air after winning the Division II regional championship game.

 photo BKH-NHS-BHS-02152014-0668-Fans-blog_zps47ba15ac.jpg

The Norwalk basketball team hugs their fans after the game.

 photo BKH-NHS-BHS-02152014-0519-Win-blog_zps96674ca4.jpg

Norwalk's Jordan Johnson, right, hugs Breck Turner Saturday.

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