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Friday, July 8, 2011



Bob Staight closes the door to his Ercoupe over 11-year-old Andy Bores during Huron County Airport's Young Eagles "Kids Fly Free" event hosted by EAA Chapter 50, on Saturday, June 25, 2011, in Norwalk, Ohio. When Bores landed, he explained, "I saw my cat's vet and the right row win at the racetrack!" Staight has flown over 450 children in his airplane and volunteered his time and fuel for the event.


Adonn Kruki, 12, and his sister, Ava Kruki, 10, gaze out the window on their first plane ride as Dan LeClair, president of Friends of the Huron County Airport, lifts off the runway. "I have one word to say about this: 'Wow'," remarked Adonn during the flight. The children's excitement prompted LeClair to explain, "This is why we do this." The pilot donated his time and fuel to participate in the event.


Somewhere above Huron County, Ohio.


Adonn Kruki, 12, looks out the window as he and his sister, Ava Kruki, 10, soar above Huron County.


Antonio Diaz, 13, left, of Norwalk, and Dae'Won Anderson, 9, of Lorain, admire their Young Eagles certificates after taking a ride in an airplane at the Kids Fly Free event. Many of the children who participated in the event were first-time flyers.

Learn more about EAA Chapter 50.

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