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Friday, September 20, 2013

Ferris Wheel

 photo WILDART-MelonFest-09022013-100-A_blog_zpsa467309c.jpg

Monday, September 2, 2013

Panther Run to Fun

I photographed the Panther Run to Fun last weekend for Whirlybird Photography. It is such a fun race to be at and all the teams did a great job. Here are some of my favorite photos from the races.

Photos can be purchased online here.

 photo CC-JrHigh-Girls-08242013-001_blog_zps55159f49.jpg

 photo CC-DIV-I-Boys-08242013-007_blog_zps0fc90cf1.jpg

 photo CC-JrHigh-Boys-08242013-010_blog_zps52088b8c.jpg

 photo CC-DIV-II-III-Girls-08242013-059-C_blog_zps9269ffb8.jpg

 photo CC-JrHigh-Boys-08242013-117_blog_zps46895692.jpg

 photo CC-JrHigh-Girls-08242013-220_blog_zpsda6ae8bb.jpg

 photo CC-DIV-I-Girls-08242013-055_blog_zpsbbcdf281.jpg

 photo CC-DIV-II-III-Boys-08242013-141_blog_zpsf0e5169f.jpg

 photo CC-DIV-II-III-Girls-08242013-314_blog_zps442d7a4f.jpg

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