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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Joshua Tree

 photo JoshuaTree_05032013_0032_blog_zps5011f33f.jpg

 photo JoshuaTree_05032013_0037_blog_zpsae929ba4.jpg

 photo JoshuaTree_05032013_0024_blog_zps9ec9dc31.jpg

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sun Hands

As the sun set on our last day in Joshua Tree National Park,
we climbed the giant boulder next to our campsite at Jumbo Rocks
to get a better look. Dozens of people appeared on the horizon,
rising up from the shadows looking like a Paleolithic community.
The rocks sustained the sun's warmth for a while after it set,
then the chill of night swept across the desert.

 photo JoshuaTree_05042013_0024_blog_zps748d4f9b.jpg

 photo JoshuaTree_05042013_0030_blog_zps54d14cbf.jpg

 photo JoshuaTree_05042013_0028_blog_zps0251243c.jpg

 photo JoshuaTree_05042013_0039_blog_zps1f5f3402.jpg

I climbed to the top of a hill
But I had just missed the sun
And although the descending arc was gone
Left behind were the traces that always follow along

The most beautiful colors chase the sun
They wrap her trail in a taunting gesture
That seems to sing out loud,
"this is what you're missing"

-Sun Hands, Local Natives

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pretty Prickly Things

Every place we went seemed like a different planet. Joshua Tree was no exception.

 photo JoshuaTree_05032013_0014_blog_zps70ea93fd.jpg

 photo JoshuaTree_05032013_0016_blog_zps1e1b58d6.jpg

 photo JoshuaTree_05042013_0012_blog_zps37d96a39.jpg

 photo JoshuaTree_05042013_0008_blog_zps7e767946.jpg

 photo JoshuaTree_05042013_0002_blog_zpsf2792bf1.jpg
This hurt us both.

 photo JoshuaTree_05042013_0017_blog_zpsb73f3460.jpg

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sunset at the Canyon

These photos were taken an hour apart as the sun set at the Grand Canyon.
05/01/13 7:06PM

 photo GrandCanyon_05012013_0050_blog_zps56c9f573.jpg

05/01/13 8:07PM

 photo GrandCanyon_05012013_0071_blog_zpsf1b2c8d9.jpg

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Grand Canyon

 photo GrandCanyon_05012013_0010_blog_zps722b0cb3.jpg

 photo GrandCanyon_05022013_0007_blog_zps2da6236a.jpg

 photo GrandCanyon_05012013_0041_blog_zps9438c75d.jpg

 photo GrandCanyon_05012013_0069_blog_zpsc1faa8b9.jpg

 photo GrandCanyon_05012013_0036_blog_zps8eb064f6.jpg

Monday, July 1, 2013

Desert Sunset

 photo Chaco_4302013_0175_blog_zps116178f3.jpg

 photo Chaco_4302013_0157_blog_zpscff9deb1.jpg

 photo Chaco_4302013_0161_blog_zpsfe2640c4.jpg

 photo Chaco_4292013_0063_blog_zps2c2c6451.jpg

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