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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heartbreak to Healing

A freelance video I created was recently published on the website HooplaHa. I originally met Chris Hughes and his therapy dog, Gremlin, on an assignment with the Sandusky Register when they visited a local school. I became a fan of the little pit bull after hearing her story and seeing her Facebook page. When HooplaHa contacted me about working for them, I thought this would be the perfect story for their site. Thanks to Stephanie Bousquet for helping me think outside the box by seeing from Gremlin's point of view, because sometimes I can't stop thinking like a journalist (my first idea was just an interview with Gremlin's owner- definitely not as fun as a Facebook-status-updating dog).

Hughes gives Gremlin, who is unable to bark thanks to her previous owner's abuse, a voice through the social networking site. She has a huge following that I am happy to say has grown a bit since this video was published earlier this week. I doubt it would have nearly 3,000 views without her devoted followers!



Friday, March 23, 2012


Cedar Point will have a new attraction when it reopens this May. There's dinosaurs in it.


Friday, March 16, 2012

5k for Colin

Colin Kimball will be a year old next month and he has already had over a dozen surgeries. My little sister is hosting a 5k fun run/walk to raise money for him and his family this Saturday. There are over 100 people signed up to run at 9am before St. Patrick's Day festivities begin and you should join us in supporting a great little family! If you cannot be there for the run, you can still donate (but you won't get an awesome 5k t-shirt!).

For more info on the 5k, click here.



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