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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heartbreak to Healing

A freelance video I created was recently published on the website HooplaHa. I originally met Chris Hughes and his therapy dog, Gremlin, on an assignment with the Sandusky Register when they visited a local school. I became a fan of the little pit bull after hearing her story and seeing her Facebook page. When HooplaHa contacted me about working for them, I thought this would be the perfect story for their site. Thanks to Stephanie Bousquet for helping me think outside the box by seeing from Gremlin's point of view, because sometimes I can't stop thinking like a journalist (my first idea was just an interview with Gremlin's owner- definitely not as fun as a Facebook-status-updating dog).

Hughes gives Gremlin, who is unable to bark thanks to her previous owner's abuse, a voice through the social networking site. She has a huge following that I am happy to say has grown a bit since this video was published earlier this week. I doubt it would have nearly 3,000 views without her devoted followers!




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