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Monday, July 15, 2013

Pretty Prickly Things

Every place we went seemed like a different planet. Joshua Tree was no exception.

 photo JoshuaTree_05032013_0014_blog_zps70ea93fd.jpg

 photo JoshuaTree_05032013_0016_blog_zps1e1b58d6.jpg

 photo JoshuaTree_05042013_0012_blog_zps37d96a39.jpg

 photo JoshuaTree_05042013_0008_blog_zps7e767946.jpg

 photo JoshuaTree_05042013_0002_blog_zpsf2792bf1.jpg
This hurt us both.

 photo JoshuaTree_05042013_0017_blog_zpsb73f3460.jpg


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