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Monday, April 28, 2008

Alpha Gamma Delta Centennial Celebration

A couple weeks ago our photojournalism assignment was event coverage. Lucky for me, the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority was celebrating its centennial and they invited every Alpha Gam alumnae (thank you precision language) to join them in celebrating for the weekend of April 18, 2008. They had a dinner on Saturday where they handed out awards and did an enormous amount of speeches, so half the time I just hung out in the kitchen, shooting the last of the dinner preparations so I wouldn't fall asleep like some of the alumnae's husbands were doing. The group photo that kicked off the night was the most interesting part of the whole thing. I am very glad that I made it over to South Green on time because I would have just ended up with podium and food pictures. The alumnae were instructed to wear green and yellow for the picture, but they seemed to not follow those directions very well because only a handful really did. The collegiates on the other hand, looked beautiful in their red dresses.


Mike Henry said...

sweet pic of the dude's feet.

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