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Thursday, August 27, 2009





I've been back from Colorado for a week, but it has taken me that long to find a good internet connection. I found it at Lynn Marie's, which is one of the best places ever. I started my internship at the Sandusky Register on Tuesday and I love it so far. The whole feel of being on a team with the people I work with is exciting. Anyway, here are some animals we spotted while roaming in Colorado.


Missy said...

We always love to look at your photos and it looks beautiful out there. So glad you are loving your internship!

Peter said...

I think you are a very talented, aspiring photographer....with great taste...*I have had those toasted, honey pecan latte's at Lynn-Maries)* and love your photo"s. Especially the one of the bear behind the deer...
Your sports images are notable, as well. NICE!
Peter Hanley

Peter said...

Now a circus, I was begining to think you were a sport's photographer for the newspaper...but now a circus....nice pics Angie.
I thought the Clyde golfer was well balanced (as well as the photo)Peter H

dusitn said...

is that an elk? i was in colorado all summer and didnt see any!

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