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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monica Rose

I had seen photos of Monica Rose around town, on bottles that collect money to help pay for her medical bills. But when I met her yesterday, I hadn't seen from those photos how gorgeous she is. Both the writer, Cory, and I were so impressed with how the 17-year-old held herself and how positive she was. She has been inspired by her nurses to work in the medical field and just by meeting her, I can tell this is a girl who will conquer whatever she wants, whether it be cancer or medical school.

A fundraiser for Monica will be held this Saturday from noon to 8pm at the Huron County Fairgrounds in Norwalk. To read more about Monica's story, Cory wrote a great article that also has information on how to donate if you are unable to attend Saturday. Here is the link.



Peter said...

Angie, she is a beautiful young woman. Through your lens, we'll all be able to see the beauty.
Peter Hanley

Sam Saccone said...

This is wonderful Angie,

Stephanie Ramsay Lyell said...

I really enjoy this photo. You can see your heart for what you are doing through the photo and your words.

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