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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

California Dreamin'- All Over Again

After three flight cancellations trying to get to Albany for a Life in the Dog House shoot, I finally made it. I knew flying back to Cleveland wasn't going to be the easiest task, but at least I got here to film our upcoming episodes. This morning I had my third flight change and will be stuck in New York until tomorrow... or the next day...

Mariesa and Chris are so great and are letting me stay here with them and their 8 dogs. If I am going to be stuck somewhere, here is a good place (have you seen our snowed-in Harlem Shake?). All 10 of them are full of love and are so caring. Plus I'll get to film more! But with all this terrible weather I can't help wishing I was on a beach during my road trip with this guy:

 photo LeoCarrillo_05072013_0005_blog_zps4238f8e9.jpg

 photo LeoCarrillo_05072013_0053_blog_zps2937f8c4.jpg

 photo LeoCarrillo_05072013_0040_blog_zpsc3f5ec85.jpg

 photo LeoCarrillo_05072013_0022_blog_zps00a5e39b.jpg

 photo LeoCarrillo_05072013_0014_blog_zps9943feac.jpg


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