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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dodging Tree Branches

This is what we had to drive through to get back to Athens that weekend. As Faye and I were driving to go have lunch with Jill, we drove past this huge tree that must have JUST fallen onto this woman's house. I had to stop, so Faye took my mini van and headed to lunch without me. I felt really proud of myself for stopping, because I know that a year ago I would have driven past and then thought all day about how I should have stopped at that house, why didn't I stop at that house!? But this time I actually did. Not the most creative stuff I've ever done, but I hate that feeling when I let a photo op pass me by and I was able to turn these in for my feature assignment.

Terry Hill talks on her cell phone as she walks on the sidewalk in front of her house toward the tree that has fallen on her porch on September 14, 2008.

Terry Hill speaks with Chris Wallace about the tree that has fallen onto her porch.

Chris Wallace pulls a tree branch out from under Shelley Friedman's car as Darius Campinha-Bacole leaves his own car in the street to help.

Two patrons of the Wright Memorial Public Library run against the wind and around fallen tree branches to get to the library. Multiple people were denied access to the library because the power was out and the electronic doors were unable to be opened.

Liz Markus looks up at the tree that failed to hold a large branch up in the strong winds that hit Dayton as Robert Crane uses his cell phone to try to get help getting the branch removed. Both are juniors at The University of Dayton.

Paul Adams, Liz Markus, Robert Crane and Brandon Wingeier stand on their porches looking at the damage from the strong winds. All four are juniors at The University of Dayton.


James McAuley said...

Dayton is my home town and all of my friends go to UD! ...and I went to grade school with Liz Markus. Small world...

phil de jong said...

glad you stopped.. i find #2 interesting.

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