Angela Wilhelm

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am doing my Vico 391 photo story on the town of McArthur. I'm not sure how it's going so far. I need more story for my story.

Hotel McArthur.

Brendan Stiltner plays on the monkey bars at a playground near the grade school in McArthur.

Flat tires.

Remember When... antique store.

The Harvest Dessert Musicale. Basically a talent show for the entire town.

Rosalie Rinehart performs a "comedic pantomime" to the song, 'Mama Yo Quero'. Before the show, I heard so much about the woman who would be dressing up like Carmen Miranda and performing. The entire place roared with laughter throughout the whole performance. In the middle of the skit, she took the banana out of her hat and ate half of it then put the other half in her shirt.


Charles Yesenczki said...

McArther is a very cool little town. I found my mountain man there, but I probably won't shoot him for this story assignment, but hes just to interesting to pass up.
Hope yours turns out well.

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